Main activities of the project

Prešov, November 2016

First phase of the project ,,Information for citizens and cooperation”, supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and state budget of Slovak republic within cross-border cooperation of Slovakia and Ukraine, culminated in two conferences in Prešov at 24th and 25th november 2016.

First one, called ,,Municipalities and civic society as a basis for democratic development” connected representatives of Slovak and Ukrainian cities (many of which have already established partnerships) and civil organizations from both countries. Main topics were mutual exchange of experience, how municipalities work with their citizens and at the same time how are the civil organizations participating in the life of society on all levels, from local to national and international, and how they support participation of citizens in public affairs.

Following the conference, representatives of municipalities had a discussion at the Town Hall of Prešov about their work, and other participants have joined two interactive workshops. At the first one, Slovak and Ukrainian civil organizations met journalists from both countries, Informed each other about the situation in society and media in respective regions and discussed ways of effective joint approach. The other workshop was aimed at activities of senior organizations and cross-generation cooperation.

Second conference under the name “Meaning of cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine” was mainly aimed at the economy. Oksana Kytsun From Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia has underlined clear pro-european direction of her country as well as the importance of support from Slovakia in this effort. Individual panels of the conference were dedicated to activities and cooperation between Chambers of Commerce and their asset for economic relations of both countries, to energetics, transport, and in the end to tourism. Afterwards, workshops for each of those topics have taken place.

Uzhorod, March 2017

V Užhorode o samosprávach a občianskych iniciatívach

Press Club Uzhorod, ukrainian partner of the project, has prepared a conference by the end of march 2017 about the work of municipalities and citizens’ initiatives, as well as two workshops dedicated to media and tourism, which are topics where Slovakia and Ukraine can exchange valuable experience. As when we were at the beginning of our journey to joint Europe and gained a lot from more developed countries, our Ukrainian friends can get advice from us. However, it’s not only a one-way route, but mutual flow of knowledge and information.




Košice, April 2017

Košice v znamení Ukrajiny

As of third time, during the end of april 2017, Košice were in the sign of Days of Ukraine. It was logical, that over a week full of events was used by organisers of cross-border project ,,Information for citizens and cooperation” to hold final conferences and other activities. The conference was dedicated to cooperation of municipalities and civic activities, and confirmed the right trend in development of beneficial partnerships between cities and local structures of both countries. And even though it’s mostly representatives of the close Zakarpathia region coming to eastern Slovakia, the conference has shown that there’s specific interest even in other parts of Ukraine. Besides that, representatives of tourism, journalists, young fashion designers, sportsmen and sport functionaries as well as representatives of Karpathia euroregion and others have met at professional meetings to talk about wide possibilities of cooperation, and to establish new and strenghten already existing partnerships. The very end of the project has belonged to conference about economic relations and cooperation.